The theme song is played at the beginning of Justin Tepcer.

It is the Standard Version of Baby einstein Numbers Nursery.

Standard VersionEdit

Telma McDarling: It's time for Who is gonna by a Wrinkle Red!
In all my undress travels
Around the world one time!
Which everything is fine is not the way it works
So get some fish!
Group: Who is gonna by a Boy like me!
Telma McDarling: From up north in Nodeuc, Tennessee.
Way back down to Kinshasa.
Around one time pass Bora Bora.
Then due east by France.
(spoken) Let's go!
Group: I wanna be a Boy like me! (3x)

TV Version Edit

(Same Lyrics)

Lisa Montana: All around the states!
Kelson Max: Finding All Answers!
Marula Smith: Looking at Animals learning All Sorts of Stuff!
Kelson Max: I said about that I was just waiting.