Scene 1 (Zoe T. Radford)Edit

(Crowd Cheering) --Rennee dillon (talk) 01:29, August 21, 2017 (UTC) Flip: Well, That's Our Show! Tune In Next Month!

Smith: Wait! Where's Lisa Montana?

Max: Probably Sleeping.

Smith: I Don't Think So Kelsi. I See Her Drinking Water in the Water Hole.

Smith: Hello Lisa! You Missed tHe show.

???: Lisa? Who's Lisa?

Smith: You are!

Zoe: My Name is Zoe T. Radford.

Montana: (yawn) Were you looking for Me, Smith?

Smith: Well Yes I..

Max: Yes. He Was.

Mcdarling: Marula! Kelsi was Right, She Was Sleeping.

Smith: Sorry Mcdarling.

Zoe: Is That Telma Mcdarling?

(Head nods(

Zoe: Well I Gotta Go. My Daddy's Calling.

Montana: She Looks a Lot like Me.

Mcdarling: Movie Time!

Smith: Not Again.

Scene 2 (Movie Time)Edit