Play's the Thing is the Third Episode of Mama Mirabelle.

Summary Edit

It Starts when Aunt Theresa comes to Drop off her Son Elmer to Uncle Telma's House. Kelsi Max Suggests That Everyone should play Musical Statues, but Lisa Montana wants to Play Nuzzle Tag. Elmer agrees with Max's Idea While Marula Smith agrees with Montana's.

During Movie Time, The girls are Still Fighting because of the Disagreement, With the boys being worried about their Friendship. Once All the Animals Leave when Movie Time is Over, The Boys Discuss a Plan to bring Montana and Max together. Soon, Elmer tells Mcdarling and Smith that He should Draw a Picture of Them Together.

When Montana takes a nap in the shade of Mcdarling'S Boat, then Elmer tries to text Her on the phone, calling Max to Come to the Boat to see the Picture, still Refusing to Talk to Montana. She looks at the Picture of them Together, Then Saying that she will give Nuzzle Tag a Try.

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