Muddy Wonderland is the first episode of Mama Mirabelle.


The Episode takes Place in the Dry Season, with Karla trying to Watch television while Bo Sleeping and Max Dancing. Karla tells Max to Keep It Down, and Start Arguing till Bo tells them to Cut it Out. He asks Karla if She got the Soda, but says no. Mama Mirabelle comes inside the Hangout hearing that Karla forgot to Get the Soda, so He gets it himself. But, They Ran out of Both Soda and Smoothie Ingridients.

Suddenly, It Starts to Rain, and Mama lets the Kids go Back to What They Were Doing, while Max dances somewhere Else. When the Rain Stops, The Kids come out to play,'and see A Bunch of Mud. It Grosses Karla Out a Bit, So Mama Mirabelle declared Movie Time in the House.

After Movie Time, Mama Mirabelle and the Kids go Jump in the Mid. Flip, Chip, and Kip hear the laughing and want to join the Fun to, But Bo does not want to Share the Mud with Them, but looks at Karla's cute little face and is forced to Say Yes. Which leads to the Musical Number "Dirtyed Up.

Once the Song is Over, Mama calls the Kids for Bathtime, but Bo says "Mudbaths Only!" And Karla, Max, and the Monkeys Agree. She declares Movie Time Again, but Without the Other Animals, But with Max’s Cousin, Elmer.

When Coming Out of the Underground Theatre, It Starts to Rain Again, So The Kids Play in the Rain to Get the Mud off of Them. And Once The Rain Stops, They Get Dirty All Over Again.

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  • Max hums to The Song Dirtyed Up before the Song even Starts.
  • Like Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, there is an Oliver and Company referance, in the First Scene.
  • Karla watches The Lion Guard in the Beginning.


Mama Mirabelle - Muddy Wonderland (Ep

Mama Mirabelle - Muddy Wonderland (Ep. 1)