Anybody Home? Is the 2nd Episode of Mama Mirabelle.


It Starts when Karla tries to Get a Drink of Water, When she is done Drinking, She sees Two Twin Birds, Dib and Dab. Dib is the Girl, Dab is the Boy. Max thinks They are Lost, but Bo disagrees, saying that Cheetahs Never Get Lost, but Mama Mirabelle tells him that Everyone Gets Lost, even Cheetahs.

Mama decides to Show The Kids 3 Movies, Land, Water, and Sky. First, They do the Land Category, But still not right, than the Water Category, Still not Right, At Last, Max puts in the Sky tape, and they Figure out Dib and Dab are Swallows.

Mama Mirabelle chooses Karla to Take the Birds to their Mom, Running Back to Her Childminder as Fast as A Cheetah.

When She Got Back, Karla got a Surprise Visit by King and Queen Thistle, Choosing Her to Be the Queen once The King and Queen Die, for Bring so Kind taking the Birds Home.